Hempstead Playgroup
8:30am-9:00am - Greeting & Registration
Children are greeted and registered as they arrive at Play Group, hang their coats/bags on their pegs and change their shoes. We encourage the children to be independent by placing their photo cards upon the Self Registration board, putting their cups on the drinks table and also by placing their contact/library books in to the tray (like they would when they start school). The children can immediately play with any activity within the room. Some activities are readily laid out on tables, children are able to self choose activities from picture cards daily too. (Children take turns to do this and it is recorded so we can monitor their choices/play).
Activities to choose from include: popoids, magnetic drawing boards, zoo animals, dinosaurs , farmyard animals, airport and planes, duplo, puppets, stickle bricks, space station, magnetic blocks, pirates and ship, castle and knights, dolls house. Continuous provision activities (resources for children to freely choose themselves) will include: dressing up, puzzles, mark making, collaging, book corner, home corner, building blocks, discovery area.
9:30am - Free Flow Play
A rain stick is shaken to attract the children's attention, so they stop playing. Then all the children are able to access the outdoor area when they choose to do so. Children are encouraged to put on their own coats, accessories & outdoor shoes to develop their gross motor skills. Activities include: Walks in the parkland, running, jumping, rockers, large coupe cars, crawling, rolling, tricycles, sit n rides, sand pit, water wall, a variety of balls, hoops, skittles, stilts, bean bags, scooter, train set, spinning top, barrel, balancing beam, meccano, musical instruments, digging pit ,sound factory, mark making, painting, outside book area, planting area.
9:30am - Snack Time
Children are free to come to the snack bar as they wish. The children wash their hands, find their own placemat and then sit as part of a small group to eat snack. For snack, children are encouraged to prepare their own snack. We offer a variety of snack daily which can include yoghurt, cheese, fruit and vegetables, bagels, toast, breadsticks followed by a choice of milk or water to drink as we promote and support healthy eating.
11:15am - Outdoor Play
All children are encouraged to spend time outside. OFSTED recommend daily outdoor activities, for children so they can develop physically to their fullest potential.
11:45 - Tidy Up Time
Children help to tidy up the equipment.
11:50 - Circle Time
The children come to sit together, where they collect their bags, pictures & ready for home time. Then as a group we either have story time where a member of staff will read a story to them. Or we will have singing time where the children sing songs of their choice.
12:00 - Home Time
Parents/Carers collect their children.
Hempstead Pavilion Playgroup
The Playing Fields
Hempstead Road
Kent ME7 3RH
Monday: 9:00 - 15:30
Tuesday: 9:00 - 15:30
Wednesday: 9:00 - 15:30
Thursday: 9:00 - 15:30
Friday: 9:00 - 15:30
email: contact@hempsteadplaygroup.co.uk
web: www.hempsteadplaygroup.co.uk
Tel: 01634 239955
Mob: 07543 582592
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